Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ways To Save On Your Energy Bills

Recently, Carolina Country featured an article about Whole-house fans - a fan which is mounted in a ceiling that pulls hot air from living spaces into an attic. The air is then pushed outside through soffit vents.

The fan is used as a supplement to your air conditioning unit (it is not meant to function as an A/C unit). Advantages include:

  • Reduction in your energy bills
  • Fan cools walls, floors and ceilings (delays the start of your air-conditioning unit until later in the day)
Disadvantages include:
  • Serious problems can occur if not installed or sized properly
  • Whole-house fans are not recommended for people who have severe allergies or breathing problems. Windows must remain open in order for the fan to work property.
To read more about the advantages and disadvantages of Whole-house fans, click on the following links:

Sources: Carolina Country, May 2011 Issue; AirScape

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